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It's time Canada finally stopped falling behind on the SDGs

How can we
do something
about it?

Change is possible by asking new questions, educating ourselves, and proposing new solutions to broken systems. That's why Engineers Without Borders raised questions on issues like climate change, innovation, and Canadian aid from young Canadians who want to be initiators of real change.

We are asking future leaders and groundbreakers across the country to think about new ways to improve Canada's effectiveness to eradicate global poverty and take actions to strengthen our contribution to the SDGs.

We want to change the status quo on the most important global topics impacting us today, and into the future, such as gender equality, climate change adaptation, innovation for development, public/private partnerships, and finance for development.

We have the power to change the way Canada aids the world and it starts here!

Join our list and add your voice for change!

Mailing List


Questions from Young Canadians
Vaccine Equity
Air Quality
SDG Progress
Investing in Innovators
FIAP & Gender Equity
Gender Equity
Tell me why??
Private Sector Capital
Vaccine Week!
Global Vaccine Equity

Engineers Without Borders's policy and advocacy work is all about empowering young leaders to influence Canada's global impact, directing its resources, policies, and institutions deliberately to provide inclusive and transformative support. For twenty years, the community of Engineers Without Borders staff, chapters and volunteers have been working to make change locally in Canada and globally.

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