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Canada can do better on massive international challenges like poverty and inequality, and contribute more to opportunities like clean tech and global innovation. That's why Engineers Without Borders is raising 10,000 new questions from young Canadians. Together, we can ask, learn, and connect on ways to disrupt the status quo.


Our fellow human beings continue to live in poverty with diminished choices: struggling to access food, water, sanitation, and basic health services. This is simply unacceptable. How are Canada's policies improving global poverty in an equitable way?


Clean Tech

We can lower our global emissions and create new jobs by investing in green technology. There are made-in-Canada solutions that the world can benefit from and that benefits Canada. How can we share more of it with other countries?



Our country values and invests in innovation to solve social and environmental problems. Yet these efforts are mostly kept at home when we could galvanize creativity and partnerships across the world. Why isn't Canada driving global innovation in a bigger way?


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Engineers Without Borders's policy and advocacy work is all about empowering young leaders to influence Canada's global impact, directing its resources, policies, and institutions deliberately to provide inclusive and transformative support. For twenty years, the community of Engineers Without Borders staff, chapters and volunteers have been working to make change locally in Canada and globally.